Reasons for Choosing an international IB school for your Kid

Choosing an international IB school is an investment for your child’s future prospects .As parents, it is important that you set your child on the right path in terms of education.

Compelling reasons to consider an international IB school for your kid

The international ib school programme is highly recognized nationally and internationally. It is particularly useful for any IB family that may need to move around internationally. Because the IB curriculum is standardized across all IB schools around the world, the transition for any student who moves between countries is made much easier. The IB curriculum is also recognized worldwide at some of the best universities around the globe.

The way that IB students are taught to question, consider multiple perspectives and discuss both their own ideas and possible solutions with open-mindedness while still being confident, is the sort of approach that will serve them well as they face the challenges of the world of higher education, be it at university or other forms of higher learning, as well as the job market of the future where problem solving is one of the skills that is most valued.

The diversity in the classroom as a result of the IB brings the world to the students.  With a multicultural experience, they will be ready to peacefully engage in a diverse world. The IB curriculum emphasizes developing the person, not just academic excellence. Along with the academic programme, IB students explore and participate in an extracurricular activities programme, community service, and personal development initiatives that develop leadership, social responsibility and a well-rounded lifestyle.

It’s this spotlight on emergent international-mindedness, and being more than yourself, that’s at the heart of the IB and the kind of generalizing about cultures and histories and ways of looking other than one’s own that goes along with it.The very fact that students are exposed to different ways of navigating the world better equips them to negotiate the demands of these cosmopolitan existences effectively.

Students in IB schools learn in smaller classes with mentor teachers who not only help them to climb the intellectual mountain, but facilitate collaboration with fellow students, providing support and individual attention as needed so that every student feels they can make the ascent.


An International Baccalaureate school is a commitment and an investment. The IB programme delivers a lot of learning with a lot of varied content, but it is not a programme for just anyone. Not every student is cut out for an IB education. If it’s right for your child, this programme has the potential to educate your child intellectually, personally and internationally.

Sleep Tight, No Bedbugs Tonight: Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Bed bugs may be the unwanted visitors in the search for a decent night’s sleep. These microscopic beings may make your comfortable refuge a horror. But not to worry; Armed with the correct information or with the help of SOS Extermination, you can guard your family and friends from these unwelcome invaders.

Knowing the Enemy: Describe Bed Bugs

Little reddish-brown insects called bed bugs eat human and animal blood. During the day they hide in nooks and cracks; at night they emerge to eat, leaving behind itchy bites.

Seeing the Signs: How to Find Bed Bug Infestations

Dark patches on your mattress or furniture, bloodstains on your linens, and itching bites on your skin all point to a bed bug infestation. Should you believe you have bed bugs, you must act quickly to stop the spread of the infestation.

Prevention is essential: Advice on Maintaining Bay’s Bed Bug Count

  • Examining second-hand furniture carefully for any bed bug evidence may help you decide whether to bring it into your house.
  • Encase your mattress and box spring in protective coverings to keep bed bugs off of them.
  • Clear your living area to find bed insect hiding places gone from clutter.
  • Travel carefully; before opening your baggage, check hotel rooms for indications of bed bugs.
  • Vacuum your house often, especially in locations where bed bugs are most likely to hide—such as cracks and crevices.

Acting to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Should you find a bed bug outbreak in your house, avoid panic. You may eradicate these pests in numerous stages:

  • Laundering bedding and clothes in hot water kills bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Remove bed bugs and their eggs from your mattress, furniture, and carpets by thoroughly vacuuming with a brush attachment.
  • Apply pesticides designed especially for use against bed bugs to cover sections of your house that have been invaded.

Armed with SOS Extermination and acting early, you can guard your family and yourself against bed bugs. Should you believe your house has a bed bug infestation, be alert and act quickly. These suggestions can let you relax knowing that your hideaway is clear of these bothersome bugs.