Our Goal Is To Locate The Best Ohio Electricity Provider At Affordable Rates For Your Home Or Office

Ohio is a state with no energy regulations, which means business and residents have the option to select the electricity provider they want to use. This competition among energy providers lowers prices and offers you additional benefits, such as plans that have a length and options for renewable energy choices. However, with the many options and plans out there it can be difficult to determine where to begin. Our goal is to locate the best Ohio electricity provider at affordable rates for your home or office.

Ohio Electric Suppliers

There are more than 80 options of electricity suppliers in your area who purchase apples to apples from local energy generators and sell it to you. Entering your zip code will let you find these providers as well as their rates and contact information. Our database contains information about the contract terms, rates and energy sources of each company. By comparing these information you can choose the right plan for your needs.

Once you’ve discovered a plan that makes sense for your budget and lifestyle, it’s simple to switch online or by calling the customer service number on your utility bill. Your new provider will handle everything else, including setting up direct billing and managing any cancellations or payments. If you decide to end your subscription, your new supplier will notify your utility company that you’ve decided to cancel and the utilities will automatically return you to their default rate.

If you do not compare electricity prices, your regulated utility will charge you the Standard Service Offer (also known as Price to Compare) if you do not compare prices. This price is set at auctions run by FirstEnergy’s utilities. Prices can fluctuate monthly based on the market conditions. These prices are currently at an all-time low due to recent auctions which saw wholesale prices rise. These prices will rise by June 1 for those who do not select their own provider or opt into a group of aggregaters.

The good news is that you can avoid this huge increase in Ohio electricity rates by switching to a different supplier before June 1st. And with Price to Compare, the process is fast and simple.

You can lower the fluctuation in prices of Ohio electric by choosing a fixed rate plan. Fixed-rate plans offer stability to your monthly energy costs, which is especially helpful during volatile weather. Plus, you’ll still be assured that your local energy provider will be able to provide electricity when you require it. Enter your zip code to start saving money on a fixed-rate energy plan for your home or office.